Ebb and Flow of Success 2018 - Irish Edition

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A truly unique collectible Now Available as a Digital Download - Print Your Own (2 copies only) and save on shipping, handling and packaging costs!

This print has been specifically designed to focus on the phenomenal rise of Ireland over the last few years culminating in them displacing the All Blacks to claim the top spot after 144 years of test rugby and shows them entering their current Golden Age. It is subtly different from the standard 2018 version in that the Ireland 'ribbon' has been brought to the foreground and floats above the other teams. The ranking at the end of 2018 is also reflected in the key with Ireland at the top together with the print title being in the colour of Ireland.

This piece chronicles and compares the success of the top 8 teams across 147 years of international rugby and highlights the golden ages and great moments throughout the history of each team.

A beautifully detailed version of the popular 'ribbon' found on all the individual team prints and is based on a 15 game moving average that smoothes the trend of each team and ranks them at the turn of each decade, and again at the end of 2018. 

This print is 80cm X 30cm printed on high quality art paper using archival inks.

     Please note:

    • the colours on screen are slightly different from the print colours and the detail is larger and much sharper in the actual print. 
    • For Art Paper Prints - these are rolled and carefully packaged in sturdy cardboard shipping tubes and can be shipped to any destination.
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