Press Release - 142 Years of Rugby History in 10.3 seconds

Rugby history in 10.3 seconds

The Rugby Box, Nelson, New Zealand, has just launched a collection of prints which showcase 142 years of test match rugby. They capture the full sweep of the history of the top eight teams, giving each individual player and coach a place within that history, and locating the great moments in context.

Their goal was to combine information and art to create compelling visual data stories that provide a clear, comprehensive perspective of rugby history. These are conversation pieces that allow you to take in a team's entire test match rugby history at a glance, and then, with each repeat viewing, new patterns and detail within the stats are revealed.

"It has been quite a journey!" says Kyle, the designer at The Rugby Box. "It all started with a comment made by Sir Graham Henry: The All Blacks are "the most successful sporting team in history". True, but an average certainly doesn't paint the whole picture. Rugby is exciting because of the fierce rivalries that exist, and sometimes your team ascends to greatness and sometimes they don't. We saw the need for the bigger picture.  I set about finding a way to visualise this. A picture is worth a thousand words after all. Each team deserves their place in history. Their golden ages, great moments and legends shouldn't remain buried in the stats."

The Rugby Box has distinguished itself from the myriad creators of infographics to produce excellent quality visualisations on museum quality canvas printed with archival inks. 


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About: The Rugby Box is a rugby data visualisation company based in Nelson, New Zealand founded in 2013. Its founders are Kyle Watkins, software developer and information designer, and Tanya Whitehead, writer and researcher. Both are passionate rugby fans.


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